Roadster R02

Special structure is designed to improve the rigidity of supporting components, guaranteeing the driving safety even the tire suffers from pressure loss in a normal driving period.

  • Comfort
  • Quiet
  • Low Fuel
  • Rain
  • Better Handling
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No. SIZE Tread Pattern LI/SI NOTE
1 195/55RF16 R02 87V/87W
2 205/55RF16 R02 91V
3 225/55ZRF16 R02 95W
4 205/55RF17 R02 91V
5 225/45ZRF17 R02 91W
6 225/50ZRF17 R02 94W
7 225/55ZRF17 R02 97Y
8 225/45ZRF18 R02 91W
9 255/40ZRF18 R02 95Y
10 245/45ZRF18 R02 96Y
11 245/50ZRF18 R02 100Y
12 245/40RF19 R02 94Y
13 245/40RF20 R02 99Y
14 255/45RF20 R02 101W


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